Pulau Ubin, Singapore

28 03 2010

Back in January I visited Pulau Ubin which is quickly becoming a tourist attraction for those who come to Singapore in hopes of finding a peaceful, quite and natural environment away from all the shopping malls and hawker centres (and believe me, there are a lot of malls!).

In any case, Pulau Ubin is a small “kampong” (village) island off the north east coast of Singapore where people usually come to spend the day bike riding and exploring the island. It is probably one of the only rural areas left in Singapore with approximately 100 villagers still living on the island who produce their own crops and live off fish farming. However, there have already been many discussions to transform this beautiful natural island into an area for public housing connected to the Singapore mainland through the MRT (Singaporean subway system).

An interesting story about Pulau Ubin is apparently there is a legend about the island that three animals from Singapore — a pig, an elephant and a frog — had a challenge to see who would reach the shore of Johor first. Whichever animal failed to reach the shore would be turned into a rock. All three creatures had difficulties swimming the Straits and while the frog turned into Pulau Sekudu, both the pig and the elephant changed into one big rocky island. The island of Ubin. (Source: http://www.wildsingapore.com/ubin/places/legend.htm)